2017 Honda Clarity using Hydrogen Fuel

2017 Honda Clarity using Hydrogen Fuel

2017 Honda Clarity using Hydrogen Fuel

Fuel cell vehicles using hydrogen gas to power the electric motor. This is unlike other conventional vehicle that use diesel or gasoline, the fuel cell vehicle and truck combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce the electricity which can run the motor. Because they were powered by electricity, the fuel cell vehicles were considered as the electric vehicle, but this is unlike other EV, there range and refueling process were also comparable to conventional cars and trucks. So, you might wonder about fuel-cell cars use hydrogen gas and release to atmosphere. And now the science experiment is done and the hydrogen fuel car is real. Toyota and Hyundai had been proven with Mirai and Tucson FCV. Now, Honda had taken the advance step and this 2017 Clarity is real, of course really fun. This Honda’s fuel cell entry is stylish 4 doors sedan which offer you with convenience and cargo capacity for 5 passengers and along with their gear as well. This is become possible thing because the Honda engineers had downsized and repositioned all of the engine components so this is fit under the hood and similar with standard internal combustion in engine car. Instead tae the spot between the rear sears or trunk spot. This is similar with other fuel cell on sedan.

On the outside, this 2017 Clarity might look like the other midsized sedan. However, when you compared with Accord sedan, this Clarity only 10 mm longer and taller then 25 mm wider as well. this is bring benefits inside the cabin, where this Clarity offer you with five seats, one more than the competitor. These are 5 comfortable seat along with many headroom and foot space for passengers on the rear row. The dashboard also minimalist and look modern, with the centrally mounted toouchscreen display and provide you with gear selection button, while the quality also impressing. You can get leather, piano black plastic, suede and real wood lining for the most surfaces. The choice for Clarity’s drink was made obvious when you lift the tailgate, with the boot space that compromised by the hydrogen tank that located behind the rear seat. The other smaller hydrogen tank were located underneath the rear wheels, behind directly the powertrain lithium ion of battery pack,

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When we talk about engine, like the fuel cell competitors, this 2017 Clarity Honda had been supported by fuel stack which combining the hydrogen with oxygen in order to produce the electricity, then can drive the electric motor which can push the car, so this is leaving the water vapor to emit which come from the tail pipe.  However, Honda had been taken this 2017 Clarity to step beyond the Tucson and Mirai by give the sport driving mode which also very bring great advantage for electric motor. In normal mode, this Clarity is slow, sedate and steady mid size sedan. When in sport mode, this is emphasizing fun for fuel economy, this Clarity was energized and engaged the driving experience that can bring the driver with something new.

Honda also had increased the third generation of fuel cell’s output around 60cents while getting shrinking the entire system about 33 per cent, so this is now equivalent with the engine in 3,6 L V6 petrol engine.  Therefore, the motor is able to produce 130kW and 300 Nm that give 1kW/75Nm benefits over 2,4 L petrol engine in Accord. The sensation from the rear wheel also similar with other electric car, with the direct throttle response that comes along with rapid and silent acceleration. So, this 2017 Clarty is silent that make you wonder about powertrain futuristic. On higher speed under hard acceleration, the sound that had compressed air being forced to the fuel cell stack that able to speed up the chemical reaction. This reaction as well as he increase amount if steam that passing the exhaust system.

This 2017 Clarity also connected and being ready for AppleCar Play and Android Auto. The HondaLink application also allows the operator to start the car remotely and getting heater or AC in advance. This is also help you to find your car electronically, even this is also help you to find the nearest fueling station and provide information to get there as well. so, this is easy car to drive and after you had used to with silent sound and vibration, this is feel like other mid range sedan. The well equipped visibility was enhanced with navigation screen which can turn into rear view camera not only when the car in reverse, but when the right turn indicator was getting engaged as well. This Clarity give the driver more visual assistance when you backing up or make right hand lane change as well. This is become silent, responsive and smooth car which make Clarity get the high mark for performance.

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Maybe the one of key problem is finding the fuelling stations are not easy to get, even on Japan with advance technology as well. But their application gives you some information detail about nearest fuelling station which also becomes the solution. But it might not that nearest as you imagine. Currently, there are around 20 public refueling spots in the some country, though this number will continue to increase along with the technology which becomes more mainstream than before. So, the price in 7,66 million yen or $89,200 that also make this Clarity two or three times more expensive than the Accord. This is also mean that you pay with most for cutting edge technology. When you considering about fuel-cell cars use hydrogen gas and release, you can consider buying this 2017 Clarity which provide you with advanced technology. Usually the hydrogen fuel cell car will combine the conventional cars along with recreational and bring environmental benefit of electricity driving as well. Similar with other VS, the fuel cell cars also can employ the idle off which shutting down the fuel cell on stop sign or traffic as well. in certain mode, the regenerative braking had been used to catch the lost energy.

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