2017 KIA Optima, Specification, Engine and Price

2017 KIA Optima, Specification, Engine and Price

2017 KIA Optima, Specification, Engine and Price

2017 KIA Optima is the mid sized sedan which offers you with slightly better proportion than the other competitors. As the most of KIA typical, this Optima is available in several trim levels, most of which could be ordered along with your feature package. This is means that you can custom with luxury option and high end safety kit which can be optioned on base LX model. The other side, it might make fairy difficult to navigate the Optima offering without any guide. So, when you considering buy this car as your new car, the first thing that cross your mind is price or know new car price range that give you a summarize about price estimation as well. The price might end up with will possibility between two things. So, before you o to the dealer, this is important to do some homework’s. You can check on several sites to know the latest pricing. You can dig deeper on some sites to know competitive price from local dealer which responsible for high customer satisfaction. So, you should do your homework first to give you some references about the latest pricing and information.

This 2017 KIA Optima also come in several trims level as mentioned before, they are LX, EX, LX 1.6 T, SX and SXL. This is also powered with four cylinders 2,4 L, while LX entry level had been equipped with appropriate feature which fit with that reasonable price, such as: rearview camera, satellite radio and automatic headlights. There are several package options to add power drive seat, inches display and blind spot monitoring among the other upgrades as well. while the LX 1.6T is the modest price which including beyond several additions and fuel efficiency n turbocharged engine which make this trim becomes quite unique. EX become slightly more expensive and turn into LX machine, however this is also includes many luxury features, such as: dual zone of climate control. Leather upholstery and the contents from that contain some packages from the above trim as well.  This midsize Optima also right in the middle of KIA sedan lineup and above the smaller, but under the Cadenza which is bigger and more expensive.

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There is not that much visual excitement in Optima, but this car had been gets smart designed for function. The quality of materials and several available features will make you feel getting a bit more for your money. This optima also use the high value for the legible physical button that had been logically placement. The main control had been placed on right to hand as they should do. The tall doors openings were free from any obstacle and allow the passenger to access their seat without any much effort than had been expend by other sedans. The steering wheel also offers you with height adjustment for your convenience. The most standing point is the cabin feel large and airy thanks to the big window and narrow of roof pillars.

When talk about engine, this 2017 KIA Optima had been completed with standard 2.4 L 1-4 which can produce 185hp and 178 lb-t of torque and is mated with automatic six speed which can produce EPA rated at 25/ 36 city or highway for base LX trim and EX trim can produce 24/34. The fuel efficient and optional also result 178 hp along with 195 lb-ft of torque, 1,6 L turbocharged that is mated with automatic seven speed dual clutch the deliver you with 28/37 mpg, but if it equipped in EX trim. The most powerful machine is 2,0 L turbocharged 1-4 which can deliver 254 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque which is mated with six speed automatic as well. So, it can deliver 22/31 mpg and his is available on SXL and SX trim. Optima does not offer you with all wheel drive, as you can see on Subaru Legacy and Ford Fusion as well.

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Beyond those machines, K700 optima 2017 also available in hybrid and plug in hybrid. This 2017 Optima Hybrid can result 32/42 mpg and impressing point from this car. This Hybrid vehicle can run until 2 miles on all electric energy and have combined of fuel economy rating at 40 mpg.

Well. when you decide to purchase EX trim as middle level, there is EX Premium package and including of panoramic sunroof that completed with power sunshade, 8 inches of display touchscreen,  adjustable front sear, LED interior lighting, ventilating in front seats, rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, auto dimming rear view mirror and rear cross traffic alert. The edition of SX trim package also including all of items above, however, this is also added with leather seat, satin chrome nuance, premium sound system and heated on rear seats. The base price this Optima was in line with most of competitors. You will find that Optima is cheaper than the other as you can see the comparing features for this price.

The 2017 KIA Optima also had been awarded by the highest rating of five stars by NHTSA. This sedan receive five stars after crash test that conducted this far. 2017 KIA Optima also become 2017 Top Safety Pick to achieve the high rating in Good value during all of crush test conducted, this is also including the small overlap for front crash test as well. So you do not have to worry about the safety kits because it had been tested and receive an award as well. There is autonomous emergency braking feature inside SX technology or you can find this standard feature in SXL trim. There are several additional safety features which including of Blind Spot detection, rear parking sensor, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision alert, cruise control adaptive and lane departure system.

For the basic, this price come up around $24,125, you can check on some sites that provide you with the latest price information. This is also lead you to know new car price range or getting the best deal offering for handsome price as well.

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