2017 New Audi Q2 SUV Specification and Price Information

2017 New Audi Q2 SUV Specification and Price Information

2017 New Audi Q2 SUV Specification and Price Information

With the recent release new Audi Q2, that brand had announced their arrival with the popular compact for crossover segment. It promising you with straight line speed to compete with some powerful hot hatch on market. After debut in Geneva Motor Show on last March, this SUV Q2 was able to be ordered now. So, this is the right time to check car purchase price calculator to know your affordability, you can use the car loan calculator that help you to calculate your auto payment over the life from your loan. You might input your information to know how much your monthly payment which you can afford. Even you able to adjust your length of loan, down payment and interest rate as well. This is also helping you to change raise or lowering your payments. Then you able to decide how much cost that your can afford in your monthly payment. You can check on trusted site that will provide you with needed information.

However this Audi Q2 was up against the variety competitors, including of BMW X1, BMW X2 which will debut in Paris Motor Show along with Mercedes GLA. This Q2 might become the smallest and cheapest for Audi SUV that you can buy, but this is certainly not the least interesting as well. It seem getting stand out against their larger brother from Q3, Q5 and Q7 which bigger with some unique sign traits. Audi was pointed for younger buyers and there were some of customization options, such as: trim insert that make this cheapest Audi getting more appealing and combine with vibrant paint color as well. Do not worry because this is still premium edged car and good alternative as well.

The Styling and Design

Styling of Q2 was quite quirky styling that will attract many enthusiasms and this is including of S3 and SQ7 when they were getting transferred to the SQ2. Because this is aimed for younger audience, this Q2 had been standing out among the Audi’s range, which is means that this model getting stringer ad bolder with different shape as well. the small frame was had been made to look sporty as possible align the high shoulder line while tandem with the riff which slip down toward the rear then pitched the back end. This is placed into some new lines and design cues, such as: the squarer. Wider looking profile, slightly come up with different face and more.

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There were also huge and thick of C pillars which toward the rear. Audi called them as blades that many like aspects on Q2, they could be customized as well. The other option was inducing of 12 for exterior colors, choice for alloy wheels and ranging that come from 16 ins to 19 ins and with the two tone contrasting roof as well. For overall this model was smaller in height than the Q3 series.

Interiors of New Audi SQ2

On the inside, this Q2 might similar with the Audi A3 which based on and combining the horizontal design that you can see on the majority from the latest model. There are many variety color options and colorful trim that you can choose, many of them were not available on A3 hatchback. The cabin was neat and uncluttered as well that also equipped with trim elementswere high quality. The standard equipment was also including of infotainment screen 7 inches on top of dashboard that operated through rotary dial and button which located closer with gearstick. The switch was also easier to read and make the surfing system getting easier. The screen also can be used to change the car setting as well as you can access radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through USB or Bluetooth. Those standard systems itself were intuitive.

The Bang & Olugsen sound system also come as the optional extra that replace the dashboard physicial with the 12.3 inches and controlled through the button on the steering wheel. This is fact that this Audi Q2 had been aimed for youthful audience than the rest of company range.  The styling is getting more distinctive than their siblings. This getting bolder look than we can expect. The rectangular headlight combine with strong LED daytime while there were also some though looking with off road styling.

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As mentioned before that at the back there is Q2’s C pillar that specified by the contrast color for the rest of car, likely Audi A1 with the contrasting roofline. This is not just exterior that you able to get customize, though the inside with the hug quality materials and soft touch plastics with some components that lifted from other models. This is including of virtual cockpit that replaces the dials on the instrument cluster with the TFT screen and show the navigation, media setting and trip computer as well.


Early customer of Q2 can choose from114bhp with 1.6 liter diesel machine or 148bhp with 1,4 liter petrol. The latter come up with the cylinder on demand technology from Audi, which is partially shut down the machine during cruising and efficient fuel as well. the entry level of 1.0 liter with 1114 bhp petrol and 2.0 liter with 148 bhp will join following in 2017.

This Q2 also available with six speed manual or seven speed automatic with the gearbox and 2.0 liter of diesel that available in auto only. The rage topping diesel was also to be ordered with Audi in four wheel of five systems

Release date and price

The order books are open and customer will able to get their Q2s on this November. This series had been breaking away from the usual design formula and created small SUV but practical with many charms. The price was from around $40.000. If you interested, you can start to check on car purchase price calculator that help you to define your monthly payment when you want to get car loan. This series was appeal to temp for new generation of Audi drivers as well.

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