2017 Nissan Qashqai as Best Family Hatchback

2017 Nissan Qashqai as Best Family Hatchback

2017 Nissan Qashqai as Best Family Hatchback

The Nissan Qashqai was the best family hatchback which thinks as an SUV.  Nissan Qashqai had been offered you with good driving experience with the low noise level along with driving convenience emerging as the clear strength as well. The handle might not become the sharpest in that class, but this is still able give your good driving experience. Beside the wide range of Nissan SUV, this 2017 Nissan Qashqai still become one of the largest Japanese Manufacturer offers swell. Although, this is had been launched nearly four years ago, this Qashqai seem still hold their own role in order to compete with stiffer competitors well. Considering that most of Nissan using the older technology ad infotainment, but this 2017 Nissan Qashqai is one of the few which get around 21st century for the infotainment and safety technology. Luckily, the new facelift had been rebelled for the UK built small sized SUV. This is will bring you with updating technology and specific design that bring it in the front line of small sized SUV class. However, whether you purchase a new car or used car, the main role to keep your car’s performance in a good condition is keep in a good maintain. One of good maintains that you should consider is replacing your car tires based on your car need. So, this is also make some peoples always wondering new tire prices for cars. But buying new tires is not easy job as soon as your first see them, If you end up with wrong choice, it would haunt you in every driving day for next 3 years or more. Even, this is can make your beloved sporty car, SUV, family car, light truck, etc will get worse handle that you ever experience.

Qashqai had been introduced as the replacement of Almera and Primere, so it would be eliminating the Nisan conventional car line up. However, this is clear that Qashqai is one of popular vehicle because it had been on top 10 of UK’s monthly sales. There are five trims which are available, they are: Acenta, Visia, N-Connecta, Tekna and N-Vision. All of the models are equipped with Bluetooth, cruise control, LED daytime of running light,  front and rear for parking sensors and auto high beam as well, while the Acenta add the automatic light and wipers and ambient interior light and wheels 17 inches. Then N-Connecta come with touchscreen Nissan Connect in 7 inches sat nav along with the Smartphone application and reverse camera as well. in N-Vision, it add with some parts of leather seats and panoramic glass, while the Tekna had quipped with the roof rails, 360degree camera, heated leather sear and function for self parking.

The most surfaces also smooth to the touch and feel very convenience for small SUV. The steering will have been covered in leather accented trim and this is feel great in your hand. The touch screen infotainment also easy to use and provide you with clear and concise maps. Radio control and menu screen as well. There is enough space for storage that you can use to store some items, such as: keys and wallets in front of gear shift. There is a console bin and the door pockets which quite big to hold the bottles. The rear seats also can be folded into 60:40 formats for your larger item.  By straddling the space between small and middle size SUV, the passengers will quite well in second row space. There is enough space for toe room that becomes so convenience. Although there are some plastics in upfront, but this is where the quality end. In rear part, there is big difference with cabin feeling and the plastic were built tough for longevity rather than for luxury look. There are air vents for rear passenger as well.  So, overall, the cabin is stylish and had been well presented for years since the launch date.

The original of Nissan Qashqai was full of fun to drove, but, in this latest model will take mature approach. The noise level and vibrate had been improved, especially the less noise from the road and engine making this way inside, especially on the motor way. The electrically had assisted the steering directly that give you good driving experience. The Nissan Active Trace Control also applies the brakes on each wheel to help you getting stick on the cornering line that you choose. The diesel machine of Nissan Qashqai had come from sister company of Renault. The engine can deliver a decent performance and feel livelier on the road and thanks to the prompt combination and six speed gearbox.

Then the 1.6 L of diesel machine is the most satisfying machine with strong mid range torque. Throughout the testing week, this Qashqai had been used the average 6,7 L per 100 kilometers in mixed cycles. The start stop system, also had equipped with the neat infographic that can describe how much carbon dioxide that you save in kilogram. The steering also make sense when you go on the off-road, this is being heavier feeling that you can expect. The turbocharged diesel might not provide you with punchy acceleration when you get overtaking, but this is more than waif of speed.

The price of this Nissan is start around $39,990, and you can check on several sites that give you complete information about price detail. And when you like the way which your car performs, you should consider getting the same model for your tire. You can check on many online platfrom boards that give you information about types, size, model and new tire prices for cars. The original equipment tire will provide you with good features smooth handling and handle the weakness as well. So this is also important to know and get the tires which exactly match with the original equipment. If you prefer with SUV car, you can choose the tires that meet with your need and what you can expect from your SUV tires when hit the road.

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