2017 Toyota Yaris iA Specification, Review, Performance and Price

2017 Toyota Yaris iA Specification, Review, Performance and Price

2017 Toyota Yaris iA Specification, Review, Performance and Price

In 2017, Toyota Yaris iA just come about with the dissolution for the Scion brand, the adoptee one which born of a union with Mazda which give the hatchback model as the sibling sedan. As we know that Scion brand had been introduced several years back as the auto maker for young generation. One of the latest model is IA, this is small sedan based on Mazda 2 which also come along with many features on that class. However, as mentioned before that the Scion brand had been disbanded, then IA becomes the new of 2017 Toyota Yaris IA. That names actually not a new thing because the car had been sold in Canada previously with the same brands. Except for the badge change, new Yaris IA is almost likely with the Scion brother and there is no real difference between them, the price was also similar with the interior is as good as before. This new Yaris IA is actually new Mazda 2 where Toyota builds up for new body. The final result is handsome car which might more suit for young generation. However, this is offer you with incredible driving characteristic and thanks for the highly modular and the rigid chassis along with great fuel efficiency. So, you can get some information about price information by searching car prices by year which had been provided in many online platforms. So, this is become one of best car that you can buy with the affordable price. Beside that, it also get you with many features despite being cheaper as well.

So, if sedan can meet with your need, this Yaris iA recommend itself with the LCD based infotainment, automatic emergency braking with the cabin material that worth with tat price. This is give you with curvaceous exterior as the Mazda parentage, and the higher line roof which contribute to the good slightness all around. The infotainment also had inherited from Mazda which using indirect control on console. There is jog dial and button that show you with system ability; however this is not include navigation. This cat also left you with Bluetooth hands free and stereo. The audio set source looks complete, start from the AM radio until the application integration which supporting Aha, Pandora and Stitcher as well. So, you can play your favorite music through the Bluetooth connection or plug your Smartphone into one of 2 USB available ports. As mentioned before that the materials are great in this class with the lower driving position and rewarding with the level equipments are on par with other expensive cars out there. Even you can get premium steering wheels the standard.

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Although this Yaris iA was identical with the Scion it replaces. In the front, there is same large pentagonal grill that make it look bit similar with Ford. However, it offers you with similar headlights in Mazda and general shape for the car is really balance. The rear is bit higher; but for all is still well rounded car. The outside might not give you many customization options from the manufacturer, but there are some aftermarket parts for it as well. There is lack support for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are also become a big loss, because that feature can perform a great integration.

This new 2017 Toyota Yaris iA had been equipped with 1,5 liter inline and 4 petrol engine that come along with naturally aspirated. This is have 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft for torque which might not much by any standard. There is six speed manual gearbox is really good but it require with some involvements to make this car can go fast. This is also six speeds automatic which become an option that lot of better.  In any case, this car can reach 60 MPH on the right about 9 seconds and will do over than 40 MPG on the road. The best part might not the engine but about the chassis. The steering was also sharp and provides you with some feedbacks with great driving position and the brakes were certainly above this average of class. Thanks to te highly capable chassis that make the higher performance. So, you can check on car prices by year to get detail information as well. The combination between engine and transmission can give you good driving experience. The fuel economy is also able to save up your money more. In 32 MPG city and 40 MOG highway, the rate is very good among this competition.

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Beside that the safety might and serve as the secret weapon from this series, this is because not only come with standard safety. This Yaris iA comes along with the backup camera, however this is also came based collision prevention as well. This is forward facing camera which also visible though the windshield, monitory anything in front of this Yaris iA, and if there is collisionsense, it will automatically hit the break.

This Yaris iA base price is start from $15,950 to $17,050, so this is affordable enough that also come with some surprising features as standard, such as: LCD infotainment and prevention system for collision. You can check on many sources for car prices by year to know more information about the price in your state. The horsepower might not that impressing you, but it might be acceptable despite of this car is not sport car. So, this car might serve better for young buyers because the curvy body that can show the youthful energy. This Yaris iA also had been provento be quite pleasant for subcompact car with the nimble handling and come with decent interior decoration. As mentioned before that this car is equipped with the low speed of pre collision system which helps the driver to avoid the collision. Along with the backup camera and infotainment system which similar with Mazda, Navigation system was a dealer installed option. So, this is can be your a great choice when sedan become your basic need in affordable price.

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