2018 Honda H-RV Price Release Date Design Changes

2018 Honda H-RV Price Release Date Design Changes – It is early 2017 now, but for Honda, it isn’t because 2018 Honda HR-V price and release date are set. Honda decided to launch their brand new HR-V series around fall 2017. The release date is not too far from now. Because of that, there are things you should know about this 2018 Honda HR-V.

2018 Honda H-RV Price Release Date Design Changes

2018 Honda H-RV Price Release Date Design Changes

2018 Honda H-RV Design Changes

There are no specific thing changed on this 2018 Honda HR-V. Introduced in 2016, the HRV was manufactured to make a new automotive segment, which is a compact crossover SUV segment (which would not be found in large numbers at the moment). The car got four doors and can fit five-passengers, making it nearly resembles subcompact hatchbacks that Honda own. It is longer by 8.1 inches and taller by 3.2 inches compared to the Fit, another car from Honda. The HR-V have four-wheel drive and front wheel drive, which is very different from the Fit in the aspect (Fit only got front wheel drive). Just like its competitors, the HR-V can handle the road well and it got a spacious interior.

2018 Honda H-RV Exterior

2018 Honda H-RV Exterior

2018 Honda H-RV Exterior

The HR-V will be expected to have new color choices. Model-year 2017 only add Lunar Silver metallic color to replace the color of its previous model, which is Alabaster Silver. The style of HR-V ’17 is good, so Honda should not have to change HR-V ’18 model drastically. Plenty of room for both passenger and driver, good wide door, and simple ingress and egress resemble the model of HR-V 17 that should be applied into its next model.

2018 Honda H-RV Interior

2018 Honda H-RV Interior

2018 Honda H-RV Interior

Compared to compact-class Jeep Cherokee, HRV Interior cargo capacity is amazing. There are  58.8 cubic feet available with the split rear seatbacks folded. The seatbacks are coming from Honda’s “Magic Seat”.  The seats are very adjustable, so it can fit many things and because of this, HRV can fit more baggage compared to other crossovers with similar exterior dimensions. The price of the car will tell you the quality of the material. The downside of HR-V is its small items storage. The door panels only accommodates and there are a couple of undersized storage such as glove box and center console bin.

2018 Honda H-RV Engine Performance Specification

You can expect that there will be no change at all. Honda installed the 2018 HR-V with the current engine: an engine with 141 horsepower (now that is a lot of horses) and 127 torque (which is powerful, if you ask me) with a 1.8 liter four cylinder. You can also expect a 6-speed transmission (manual of course, automatic is for the scrubs) to be installed in the LX and EX models, which are the front wheel drive version. A CVT (continuously variable automatic transmission) will be installed on the two models as optional and mandatory for the rest of four-wheel drive models. There will be an additional money you need to spend to add AWD to a CVT’ed HR-V.

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The AWD hardware and the CVT installed, of course, will support the manual transmission on this new HR-V to ensure you a good riding experience. A lot of people prefer to use the CVT equipped HR-V and half of them add the AWD hardware. With a CVT’ed AWD, an HR-V will have a good acceleration in that could surprise you a bit, but you will have a hard time tackling the fast highway traffic and maneuvering would be a pain. Model EX and EX-L Navi have additional perks like a button that would sharpen your throttle and shifters installed in the steering wheel, but those features cannot do a lot.

You will have a good time when riding in high speed with HR-V. Its steering reaction is solid and quite responsive when changing directions. The bad part of this car is its suspension that cannot absorb bump well, compared to its competitor, the Trax from Chevrolet. AWD that will enhance the traction is recommended if you are living in an area that have a high chance of rain and snow. The AWD will be not as useful as it seems on a beaten path. For those who wants to do more than fleeting, they prefer the Renegade (which is from Jeep) or the Crosstrek from Subaru.

Because the HR-V ‘18 is the successor of the ’17 version, there would not be a major fuel consumption change. This kind of vehicle is very versatile and should be only be run with a pack that is compatible with it. Installed with manual shifts and a front wheel drive system, the HR-V ‘18 should gain a rate of 25-28 meters per gallon. You can expect a higher rating of 28-34 meters per gallon if the HR-V is front-wheeled and have CVT. The AWD will reduce the rating to 27-31 meters per gallon, which is a slight change.

2018 Honda H-RV Features

There will be no cutting edge feature installed on HR-V ’18, because Honda’s new feature will be installed in the next model, which is HR-V ’19. All models of HR-V ’18 should be compatible with Bluetooth and includes a rear multi view angle camera. There will be some additional features to the EX series such as front seats that are heated, keyless entry (which is a cool additional feature), an automatic climate control system, and Honda’s LaneWatch blind-spot camera (which is some sort of back camera to help you park). The EX-L Navy will get additional features like the standard leather finish for the seats, a satellite radio, and an in-dash GPS navigation. Pretty tech-filled, right?

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HR-V 18’ should connect to Apple CarPay like a mother and her baby. Google Android will also auto connect, since both of them become more convenient these days. The current models are not compatible with those two features, making them less favorable for some people.

The current HR-V does not support technologies that will support the driver and this is a major drawback for HR-V ‘17. Honda’s own Sensing safety suite (a technology from Honda, if you have not caught a grip on it) will be installed on the newest version of HR-V later. The package contain some features that can help your overall driving experience, such as a departure warning with steering correction assistance, and an adaptive cruise control.

The most valuable and usable feature on Honda Sensing is the fact that the car can stop itself before a collision could happen. If that feature is absent, the model will lost its top safety pick status (like a ‘the safest car’ reward).

2018 Honda H-RV Price and Release Date

The HR-V ’18 will have a higher price compared to the ’17 models. With an FWD system installed and a manual transmission under the hood, the price of HR-V ’18 is estimated at a price around 21 grand for the 2018 Honda HR-V LX and 23 grand for the EX. The CVT will add $800 dollar for each models of HR-V ‘18 . The ’18 EX-L Navi will have CVT standard, just like the previous ’17 version and estimated at a price about $26,000 with front-wheel drive. Adding $1300 to all models will get you the four wheel drive version. Honda will not offer you with additional parts. Any accessories, whether it is functional or just cosmetics, will be available in the dealers.

You should put into consideration that Honda would not put many changes to HRV ’18. 2018 Honda HR-V price and release date are expected to be on fall 2017 with the price range between $20500 until $28000.

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