2018 Kia Stinger – The Specs, The Price, and The Release Date

2018 Kia Stinger – The Specs, The Price, and The Release Date

2018 Kia Stinger – The Specs, The Price, and The Release Date

Brand name car from Korea, Kia has released the new 2018 Kia Stinger. This is the first time of Kia introduces the new sport sedan car at the auto show in Detroit this year. Keep the question of How To Price A New Car, let’s meet this car first. Actually, this car has shown its sign when Kia held a motor show in Frankfurt. In that motor show, Kia has given a new concept which features rear drive GT. Moreover, in 2014, Kia likewise revealed the Stinger GT4 which features the concept of a two door car. By contrast, it is still shocking that Kia has even released the sport sedan which features four door concept car which is named Stinger.

However, the fact that the name of a car always comes up after the car company meetings, can’t be avoided. In addition, this car company has some credits which turn into ballsy look. When Hyundai takes the risk to produce the Genesis as its luxury brand, Hyundai chooses to make a difference from the Accent intenders. So, it is surprising when Kia has warned the arrival of Stinger, but the Genesis comes to the public as a mini porsche in the Asia. What an era which makes us feeling so strange.

The inside and outside appearance

In this 2018 Kia Stinger, the appearance of this new car will definitely attract the customers. The long body and the chiseled hood which can be seen, provide a modern design which makes this car design look more sporty. With it, you can see that the details which are created in this car become simple and quite clean. Indeed, it can be described as the Europen cars look. Yet, it still does not make this car becomes like a supercar.

Inside this 2018 Stinger, the Nappa leather is installed to the steering wheel of this car. Besides, this thick leather is installed in order to make a luxury look. There is also a color screen which shows the display of performance data such as cornering the g-forces and the lap times. Not only that, the infotainment system which is applied on the dash top, has been designed by German brands. In addition, the climate control gauge is available below the tablet screen.

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Besides, the updated version of infotainment system is installed in this 2018 Stinger. Beside 15 speakers, the audio system – which has a 720 watt – is brought to you from the Harman / Kardon. In the rear seat, the leg room has enough space for your leg. By contrast, even though the passengers who sit on the rear seat have a little problem with their head, they will get a plenty room for their leg.

What does the 2018 provide in the engine system?

This car provides two engine system which has a 2.0 liter turbo 4 and 3.3 liter turbo with V6 power. In 2.0 liter turbo, the 4 cylinder engine has a power which provide 255 horsepower. Besides, the torque in this 2018 Stinger is 260 pound feet. The other engine system, the V6 power provides 365 horsepower which has a torque in 376 pound feet. With the power of the V6 engine system, this car is able to reach 60 mph in just 5 seconds. However, it is pretty fast, but it also seems oldschool.

In this 2018, the gearbox which is brought to you is an automatic system with eight speeds. Here, this brand new car implements all wheel drive system. With a reason, Kia makes this car utilizing all wheel drive system in order to avoid the rear wheels get slipped. Moreover, the all wheel drive system aims to prevent the skidded condition even when the customers reach the high acceleration. In addition, this engine system will help this 2018 Stinger becomes agile in every condition.

For the suspension, the MacPherson is chosen to build the front and the rear suspension. On the other hand, four pistons from Brembo is installed in the 2018 Stinger which has V6 power engine system. Moreover, the adaptive damper which has the capability to change the throttle response system. Even though, this may be the first time of Kia utilizing adaptive dampers, this change is expected to make a good performance later on.

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The equipments of 2018 Stinger

The safety kit which is available in this 2018 Stinger is pretty advanced. The braking system which has an automatic emergency, has a camera which is able to move in 360m degree. That special feature is made to help the customers park this 2018 Stinger. There is also a lane assist, which has the capability to monitor the blind spot of this car. Moreover, the automatic headlight system has been installed as the Kia company launches the new safety system which is called Drive Wise.

The head up display which has the capability to relay the speed, is also installed in this 2018 Stinger. Not only that, the advanced navigation system which is available on this car, will warn the blind spot condition to the customers. The charging pad is built up with a wireless system. Help the customers utilize charging pad efficiently. A touchscreen which has a seven inch display is installed on the dash board.

For the safety system, this 2018 Stinger has installed a braking system which has an automatic emergency. Besides, the IIHS and the NHTSA did not find any problems when this 2018 Stinger was being tested. The adaptive cruise control, the collision warning, the lane assist, the traffic alert, and the driver assist are the system which exist in this 2018 Stinger.

The price release date

Actually, there is still no official price for this 2018 Stinger. Even so, we can know it when the Kia company will start selling this car in the late 2017. If you want ask How To Price A New Car – This 2018 Stinger – try to ask to the Kia by yourself. Fortunately, some sources have said that the price will take the range from $33.000 (2.0 liter model) to $44.000 (the V6 power). Here, we can take a look the estimation when this 2018 start its debut at the Detroit motor show. Even though it is still unclear, the certain date of when this 2018 Stinger will be officially released, is in September 2018.

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