8 Most Expensive Cars You Can Found Today

8 Most Expensive Cars You Can Found Today

8 Most Expensive Cars You Can Found Today

What Is The Price Of My Car? Actually, it’s easy to find out about the price of your car. You just need to use the car value estimation service that you can find on the internet. What you need to use is your car registration number as well as some information that describe about your car condition. After you fill up all of that information, you will get your car estimation value. Speaking about price, there are also several cars that can be considered as car with crazy price you can found existed today. Now, the question, is your car can be categorized into these car group? Let’s find out.

1.     Koenigsegg Regera

This car was built by Christian von Koenigsegg. This car has really amazing spec. Regera use V8 engine. With 5 liter capacity, this engine can produce 1,100 HP. By looking at this part, you must know that this car can run really fast on the road. However, that is not all. The part that makes this car is special and maybe expensive is its drive system. It uses special made drive system called Koenigsegg Direct Drive System. It’s special drive system that uses electric motor that optimized the cranked system and hydraulic coupling into its engine. More than that, this car uses independent electric motor for each of rear wheels. It gives this part 700 horsepower. And, the price for this car is $1.9 million.

2.     Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

It appeared for the first time in 2013 Geneva Auto Show, which also attracts more attention than most of car at that event. LaFerrari Aperta itself can run from 0-60 mph in less than two seconds. More than that, this car maximum speed is 2017 mph.  Then, at Paris Auto Show last year, the new version of LaFerrari Aperta appeared which the version where the top part is designed to be open freely, and it’s literally open or convertible-like model. The main reason why this car can run really fast is the Ferrari F140 V12 engine. This 6.3 liter engine and HY-KERS technology boost this car power. This system can be usually found on F1 car. With this combination, this car can produce 1,000 HP. This car prices is $2.2 million.

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3.     McLaren P1 GTR

This car is limited car that was produced only 35 units by McLaren. Therefore, you won’t find this car on the store today.  The coolest thing about this car is the model. This car is track car. However, it still can be used in usual road. The P1 model has many different driving programs, such as e-mode, Instant Power Assist System and many more. However, the GTR model only gives it the fast driving system option. Therefore, you can get 225 mph max speed and 0-60 mph within 2.4s, with 1,000 HP. As for the price, it’s sold at $2.59 million, which can become more expensive because this is limited model.

4.     Bugatti Chiron

This car actually can become the fastest car today. With the W-16 engine and its 8.0-litre capacity, this car can produce 1,500 HP. If you compared it with Super Sport, this car is clearly 300 more powerful. With this engine, Chiron can run at 261 mph max speed on the road. However, this speed is the result of the limited performance that Bugatti did on this car. So, the real Chiron actually can run faster than that. For the price, you can get Chiron at $2.6 million.

5.     Pagani Huayra BC

This is car from Pagani that will suck up your wallet. And the price, which is around $2.8 million, is the image of the specification and performance that this car has. Using 6.0-liter V-12 engine with bi-turbo system, this car can produce 790 HP and 811 lb-ft of torque. And, the coolest thing is it uses carbon-fiber synchronizers transmission system, and combined with electro-hydraulic actuation, which make the change of the gear can be done really fast and smoothly. Therefore, it will give you really amazing fast ride.

6.      Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

This is limited car produced by Ferrari. Priced at $3 million, Pininfarina Sergio can be said as the perfected clone of Ferrari 458 Spider. Using 458 Spider as the base, Ferrari give this car more perfect design. With 330 pounds lighter weight than its base car, this car has better performance. The core is still the same, which is 4.5-liter F136F V-8 engine.

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7.     Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

This is car from Lamborghini with price you can’t imagine, that still run today. With the price at $3.3 million, this car will give its driver everything that they need. Speed and performance is very satisfying. Lamborghini use V-12 engine with 6.5-litre capacity that produces 740 HP. It also uses seven speed transmissions with single-clutch ISR technology, which is also available in automated or manual type. One of the best parts of this car is the material and design. Using mostly carbon-fiber type material, this car weight is only 3,285 lbs, which support its concept to run much faster on the road. More than that, Lamborghini also removes the LP700-4 Aventador to make it faster than the convertible Veneno model.

8.     McLaren P1 LM

This car value is around $3.7 million. That make this car become the pricey car you can find today. However, the unique thing about this car is it isn’t McLaren produced car. Actually, McLaren produce one of their popular series, P1 series. Then, Lanzante Motorsport acquires that model and tries to make modification and perfected the P1 series. In the end, this car has many additions which make it become the most valuable car under the name of McLaren and maybe among other car you can find. The changes that Lanzante Motorsports did are like using gold layer on some part of this car. You can find it on its V8 engine. The engine bay is also coated with gold. More than that, the engine is improved, so P1 LM can produce 1,000 HP.

Those were few of cars that has price that maybe, you can’t even imagine. However, the price for each car can be said equal with the performance, appearance as well as whole value of each car. Basically, all of them are the best in its class.

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