Cosigner for Car Loan, the Requirements, the Advantages and Disadvantages

Cosigner for Car Loan, the Requirements, the Advantages and Disadvantages

Cosigner for Car Loan, the Requirements, the Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you have a car? Or do you dream to have your own car? Most people in the world are dreaming of having a car. They have their own dream car to be. By having a car, you can drive your family to somewhere else, you can go with your friends too. You will not afraid of rain, it means that you can go whether it is raining or not. You can do something more than riding motorcycle. It means that you will not face hot air, sun light and wind. Driving a car, you will feel cool because there is an air conditioner in the general car, you will not face the wind and sun light because you are in the car closed by the door and window. There are many advantages having a car than motorcycle.

The problem is the price of the car is very expensive and increases every year. Taxes are also increasingly expensive so that makes a lot of people are reluctant to buy a car. The main problem is the price. The majority of the people only work as regular employees and do not have a large enough salary. Most of them were paid just enough to make ends meet. If there are any leftovers for savings it would be just a little. Then, the question is have to wait how long to buy a car? The minimum people’s minimum wage constraint becomes a stumbling block for some people. Then, what is the right solution to help them achieve the dream of having a car? Cosigner is the answer.

The Requirement of Cosigner Car Loan

Cosigner release car loan to help many people have a car according to their dreams. Cosigner does not care about your job, be it any farmer, clerk, doctor, mechanic, teacher, or whatever it is, and everything will be served very well. Cosigner can increase your chance to get a new car. By giving you an instalment loan. Cosigner give you a guarantee which is you will meet your deal of making payment in time.

If you have bad credit history, cosigner is the best solution for you. However, there are many requirements that people should be aware before on the loan application, here are the following common requirements:

  • Cosigner Credit worthless

It is very clear to understand but your cosigner must be willing to give you a contract to pay the loan that you can pay. If you cannot pay the loan, bank will not accept verbal agreement from cosigner. All of the deal must be available in writing form.

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Good personal bank will accept your cosigner if you have an important requirement that is a good personal credit history. If you have bad credit, your cosigner must have the excellent one.

  • The Cosigner’s Proof Ability to Pay

Your cosigner should have precious asset or income to cover your loan. Cosigner’s asset will be a bail if you cannot fulfil the obligation to pay the loan.  If someday you cannot pay the loan, the bank may give you income tax for the next year to close your credit. In this case, if your cosigner could not prove that he/she is capable enough to pay the loan obligation, the bank will not approve the loan form.

  • Employment And Income Stability

It is does not mean that the rule of the bank is strict but bank has their own vision that the bank wants stability. Here, what stability means is stability in cosigner’s income and job. It is very normal because if your cosigner has stability income and job means that he/she can pay loan obligation continuously because there is a stability in finance. In this case, bank will be very happy to approve the loan application for the cosigner who has been living in one house at least for 5 years and working at certain company for a long time.

The Advantages of Cosigner Car Loan

Not all people’s car loan application will be approved by the bank. Bank has some requirement to fulfil without see whether that you are a potential buyer or not. In some cases, there are some potential buyer’s forms are rejected by the bank because there is no credit history. There are some advantages in using cosigner for car loan, they are:

  • Better Interest Rates

For the one who never has good credit and wants to avoid high interest rates, having a cosigner for a car loan is the best solution. Nowadays, having a cosigner becomes popular because you can get lower interest rates than you apply a loan by yourself.

  • Building A Good Credit History

Having a cosigner is the right decision on a car loan because a cosigner can build a good credit history. In this case, you seem to buy time in building a good credit.  A cosigner must have real estate investment that can increase a credit score.

  • The project of Team

You as the borrower will get a motivation from cosigner team that you can’t get if you don’t use a cosigner on borrowing finance or car loan.

  • Better Experience

A cosigner must have good credit history, stable finance and income and solid employment. He/she is commonly wise in running his/her financial. It means that if you use a cosigner, he/she will give you such a learning or advice directly how to maintain your finance.

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The Disadvantages of Cosigner Car Loan

Besides there are many advantages of cosigner car loan, you should be careful in some things dealing with the disadvantages of using cosigner. Here are the following disadvantages:

  • Different Mailboxes

You and your cosigner will write the different address and maybe emails. It can affect to the accurate information sent via different mailboxes. For some cases, it will be a disadvantages if the email sent to the borrower’s mailbox and he/she does not notice it and it effect on the late payment.

  • The Broken Relationship

Be careful before making decision to choose a cosigner. The borrower should know exactly who the cosigner is because when there are a problem and both borrower and cosigner has different opinion, it can break the relationship.

  • New Borrower

For the new borrower is not advised to use cosigner to avoid something bad happens. For the new borrower, there are some things that he/she does not understand regarding with the form or loan clause. Just to remind that it’s better to ask some advises from your family or friends who have loaned a car by using cosigner.

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