Small New Car Prices Recommendations in 2017

Small New Car Prices Recommendations in 2017

Small New Car Prices Recommendations in 2017

Small cars are the best option if you live in a crowded city, and here is Small New Car Prices. Small car is the recent trend in the car producers. Starting from Toyota Aygo up to Citroen C1, car companies in the world seems to agree that they will produce small cars for their product in cities across the globe. In the market, there are a lot options for small cars that can only cost you less than $15,000 but still offer you the best driving experience.

These cars are mostly considered as city cars, due to their design and function that is maximized to fulfill the needs of city living. These cars have the characteristic of small and compact design as well as light and efficient engine. Using one of these cars in city landscapes would be delightful since you will not find difficulties in parking your car or worry that you will spend a lot of gas while waiting in the traffic jam. With such benefit, it is a right decision in deciding to buy one of these cars nowadays. Here is several small cheap cars that is recommended for you.

European and American Small Cars Recommendation

European cars are famous for their old tradition of good engines and designes with class. The first european small cars that is recommended for you is the new VW Up. This car is one of the newest product of the reknown car maker, Volkswagen, which offer you a stylish and sporty small car. The design efficiency both in the exterior as well as the interior have been able to make the small car become spacious inside, giving quite a lot of room both of passenger and luggages. The engine is also string yet efficient. In this small car series, VW equipped the engine with a litre turbocharged engine that could be as strong as other regular car in the market. Not only that the interior part of the car is also equipped with the latest technology and materials for maximizing the driving experience as well as the easiness of your latest device’s connection to the car. All of the amazing features of this small car have put this car as one of the best option for you who want a small yet strong car.

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The second european car that is recommended for you is the Skoda Fabia. The latest car from the car producer of Skoda is designed really small. Compared to other small cars, Skoda Fabia may not look as sporty or fancy, but it is in fact one of the most compact and efficient car among them. Many car enthusiast even compared this car with other cars from other higher brand such as the VW polo. Due to its economical value. The small car mainly focused on the small design and the engine efficiency. Therefore, you should not expect too much on the quality of the interior. But then, Skoda Fabia offers us various options on engine starting from regular petrol engine up to diesel engine that can be picked according to the needs of our everyday life.

The American small car that will fulfill the needs of your city life is the Ford B-max. One of the  latest product of the american car producer Ford is avilale in the market for fulfilling the demand on small city cars. When you look at the car, you may find its similarities with the previous products of Ford city car such as the ford fiest and ford focus. But then, the B-max is much more compact and efficient compared to the previous cars of Ford. One feature that really steal the spotlight is the back door that has sliding design, making it very convinience to reach the rear seats. This will really help you to place your kids as well as all the things you bought in the grocery stores when your car is parked in a quite small parking area. The engine of the car is also efficient compared to other car in the same class. The engine of the car is also equipped with economic mode that will cut a little on its performance but will boost the efficientcy of the engine.

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Japanese Small Cars Recommendations

Moving to the east part of the world, there are several small cars that are really recommended for you. The first Japanese car that is incredibly good is the Honda Jazz. Designed with such unique way, the design looked sporty, elegant and compact at the same time. The design of the car is considered one of the best compared to other cars in the same class. With the small and compact design, the driving experience of the car would be very nice in any crowded city in the world. Designed with small size, the interior design has been able to make a lot of rooms to fit 5 people and theri luggage inside.

Other Japanese small car that is recommended for you is the Mazda 2. It is considered one of the best looking small car available in the market today. The hatchback compact design is proven to overcome many of its competitor in the market. The engine of the car is efficient and will work excellent in the city landscape. The interior is also equipped with premium and hihg-tech materials that will make the comfiest and best driving experience for anyone who accustomed with modern city life. But even so, there are several consideration before you decide to buy this car. Different with Mazda 2 competitor in the market, this car is offered in a higher price range. Considering the premium design, both exterior and interior, engine and possibly one of the best driving experience, spending more on this car will still consider a wise spending afterall.

At last, these were several small cars that are recommended in this year. There are tons of possibilities in the future that more car company will produce such small cars that will cost less and less. This is due to the urbanization trend and the rise of the middle class in most of cities in the world, demanding more and more affordable car that can fit to everyday modern city life. Therefore, information regarding Small New Car Prices will become more and more important in the near future.

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