The 2018 Audi RS5 – The Price, The Specs, The Release Date

The 2018 Audi RS5 – The Price, The Specs, The Release Date

The 2018 Audi RS5 – The Price, The Specs, The Release Date

It has been several years after Audi RS5 does not appear to the world. But, there is a car which starts its new debut in Geneva Motor Show. Yup, that is 2018 Audi RS5. Even though this 2018 RS5 seems similar to the A5 type and the S5 type, this 2018 RS5 brings you a sportier look. By installing larger wheels, the 2018 RS5 adds its sporty look. Besides, Kia company chooses larger front bumper and tailpipes. In this new Audi car, the use of chrome is replaced because Kia company prefers to choose black accents. If you want to know the information and even the Price Of A New Car – which is 2018 RS5 – just read this writing.

This second generation of the Audi A5, brings something fresh at the whole parts. The new look is now more manly and even more aggressive. The coming of this car, has also been expected to make a great comeback of Audi. With maximum horsepower, this 2018 RS5 will definitely provide the customers high tension of speed. The new materials, new technologies, and the new speed will be brought to the customers who love this car.

The exterior of 2018 RS5

In this 2018 RS5, there are some parts which provide a stylish look to the customers. Moreover, it gives a black grille which is flanked by some wide air intakes. On the splitter, there is also a speedbump which aims to make this 2018 RS5 look awesome. Different with the other new cars, this Audi RS5 has more size than the last model. It is around 15 mm wider. As the result, the difference between RS5 and the last car model even make this RS5 look very aggressive.

On the headlight, the LED technology is chosen as an additional part because the other parts such as aluminum window, roof, and 19 wheels wheels still become standard part. Yet, for those who want to be more stylish and aggressive, Audi offers you a 20 inch wheel in order to make you satisfied. Moreover, the exhaust pipes in this car are installed with the RS specific trim. With its big oval form, the exhaust pipes look will makes the rear view more stylish and aggressive as well.

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The interior of 2018 RS5

The interior of this RS5 utilizes leather material which is installed in the seats and the steering wheel. In this car, there is a screen which has a uniqueness inside its gauge cluster. That unique screen makes the cockpit becomes more modern. Why? Because the Audi company chooses the virtual display screen in this 2018 RS5. It can show the output of the torque, the G-forces, and the tire pressure. When you are going to upshift, there a light which will help you know when you should upshift. In the technological system, there are some improvements which are given to the customers as well.

This RS5 provide the customers a wifi hotspot with the 4G LTE system. Besides, this car also provides the customers a technology from the Android Auto and the Apple CarPlay. On the touchpad controller, can be used to control the infotainment display. Same with a smartphone, this touchpad controller can be zoomed in and out, scrolled, and even entered a character. In addition, there are 30 features of driver assistance which can be utilized through the display screen.

The enginge system of 2018 RS5

This 2018 RS5 is installed with a 2.9 liter twin turbocharged with the V6 engine system. Making it has a strength of 450 horsepower. This also provides a power from 1900 to 5000 rpm. On the other hand, the engine system which is based off the V6, has been used earlier in the Porsche car. From its application, it can generate the torque in 443 lb ft. Similar to the Audi S5, this RS5 also gives the customers a Tiptronic automatic transmission which is in eight speeds. If we want to flashback, the last model of RS5 used dual clutch automatic transmission with seven speeds.

The engine system can make this 2018 RS5 runs from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. Besides, if the driver tries to test the maximum power, this car will be able to reach 174 mph. In this car, the all wheel drive system gives a default torque split which has a scale 40/60. On the other hand, the torque which in this 2018 RS5 is optional. In addition, this car has 3648 lbs in weight. Making it lighter than the last RS5 model. In a test which is held in Europe, Audi has said that this car is able to get 27 US mpg.

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In addition, this 2018 RS5 has also provided the adjustable dampers which allow the driver to switch the riding experience between soft ride and stiff ride. If you want to get more spirited experience, you can try to use stiff ride.

The features of 2018 RS5

When this 2018 RS5 is seen from its suspension, the updated suspension systems include an improved five link setup in the front, and the new five links in the rear. If you do not know what suspension which is used in the last model of RS5, in 2015, the Audi RS5 utilized trapezoidal link suspension. Different with the last RS5 model, now Audi provides the Dynamic Ride Control – the adjustable suspension – which can be utilized via drive mode systems.

However, this 2018 RS5 has relation with S4 and A4 sedan. Why? Because this RS5 has same standard proportions even though this car has a wheelbase which is slightly longer. When this is was being tested to drive in California, the rider gets a good driving experience because the front seat is very comfortable. For the safety system, this 2018 RS5 has installed a braking system which has an automatic emergency. Besides, the IIHS and the NHTSA did not find any problems when this new Audi RS5 was being tested.

The price of 2018 RS5

You may do not know Price Of A New Car if you do not go to the auto show mobile. But, here we are going to tell you about the price of 2018 RS5. In the official statement, this 2018 RS5 will be launched in the summer. The price range of this car is estimated from about $65.000 (lower spec model) to $73.000 (top spec model).

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