Things To Consider About Good Price For A First Car

Things To Consider About Good Price For A First Car

Things To Consider About Good Price For A First Car

Most people in this world will think of good price for a first car in the term of less spending budget consideration. Price will always one step higher regardless with types or models preference they can dream of. Here are things you should not neglect when you consider buying your first car.

Mind your budget

From any forum of discussion in the internet you may conclude that recommended price range for first car is around US$1.000 to US$10.000. There are lot of models and types of car you can get including brand new economy friendly models within the price range after getting your first driving license.

The concept of cheaper car for your first car is related to the first experience you drive it in real environment. Most people call it their first car if they buy it with their own earning or saving. That is why they need to stick a bit to the reasonable budget to spend on car, unless you have no concern on your budgeting problem. Still, spend your money wisely on definitely new things is considered better than take more extravagant decision. First car experience is in no exception.

The first time you have your own car means a lot that you will drive it more frequently than before. No matter how experienced you are on driving, I believe that you will care on your own car more than one which does not belong to you. Cheaper price can give you insurance of worse feeling when something bad happen to it.

Reconsider your essential needs

Family car has been considered more favorable nowadays due to its flexibility of usage. It can be used for personal needs or family needs. Even if you are single, you will need more seats to if you love to take a trip with lot of your friends. It is kind off a bit ridiculous if you have to rent more spacious car while you have your own seat limited car in your house.

Please reconsider what you will do the most with your car. If your regular or frequent activities require you more seats inside your car, family car is recommended better than the sporty one.

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How old are you versus how old your car will be

Cheaper cars do not always mean old cars. You still can get cool cars manufactured during 1990 to 2010 which are mostly can be purchased less than US$10.000. 2001 – 2007 Volvo S60 or 2004 – 2009 Mazda3 are available at price starting from US$2.500 and US$3.500, to give you examples.

Brand new or used car

If you prefer to buy new car instead of used according to your concern of comfort and performance insurance. You can try some new brands which is priced not too far from US$10.000 such as 2015 Nissan Micra (around US$9.998), 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage (US$12.995), 2017 Nissan Versa Sedan (US$11.990) and 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 (US$13.990).

Most brand new cars is priced above US$10.000 in the present. Therefore, buying used cars is still considered as the best bets to get without sacrificing the budget too much. Just make sure deal on used car which is still in good condition of performance.

Avoid buying from brokers or used car dealers

Nowadays technology advancement has now come in more handy ways to help people live their days much more simply and efficiently. In other hand some people who earn money as experience broker and used car dealers tend to get the opposite effect.

With the help of the internet, people who are looking for cars to buy, can easily interact to the current owner selling their wanted car without risking too much to spend unnecessary dollars to pay commission for car brokers.

It is recommended for first car buyer who are looking for used car to find people who sell their own car. Dealing with this kind of sellers can help you to get negotiable price and possibly less cheaper than you could expect from any used car dealer or broker. Brokers or used car dealers always offer reasonably higher price, sometimes even further beyond its worth in order to get profit as high as possible.

Come along with more experienced friends or family

The other important thing to consider when buying a used car is to deeply know its current condition regarding with the engine performance and overall comfort. If you are a type of person who do not understand mechanic and automotive, it is highly considered better to come along with more experienced people you trust to assist you during the pre-purchase checking. Do not easily tempted by the lovely price offered. There are more things to consider to buy worthy used car.

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A good used car seller will permit you to check the current condition of the car and light test drive before setting the final deal price. You do not need to complain too much on things you do not expect from the car since you can use the spotted problems as matter to bargain and negotiate the lower price.

If you are not satisfied enough from your your first negotiation and pre-purchase checking, you can switch to another seller for more reference. It is important not to be to persistent on finding the car too soon. Hasty decision often result in later regrets and in some case extra spending budget to fix problems found in the car. Be a wise buyer then you will find a wise seller.

Reconsider its resale value if possible

Why should you reconsider the resale value? The answer is respectively depends on the first car buyer decision whether they want to use the car forever or not. In common cases, people tend to pick their first car choice with reasonably limited consideration of the budget and current market availability. Those kind of people tend to have desire to change their first car into newer one, especially those who choose used car as their first car.

Any car will always have devaluation in its economic value and so does with its resale price. If you want to switch to different or newer car, resell or trade-ins your current first car is the best option you can have. Remember, the good price for a first car you had when you get it will have reasonably lower in the future, so make good of it as possible as you can through online resale or trade-in deal to once again use your budget harmlessly.

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