Waymo, the Google Driverless Car Price, Release Date, and Specification

Waymo, the Google Driverless Car Price, Release Date, and Specification

Waymo, the Google Driverless Car Price, Release Date, and Specification

Are you a big fan of a science fiction movie such as back to the future? Such movies depict the future where technology advancing in a rapid term. In those movies, you can see flying cars, hovering skateboards, and a fully digitalised home system. You can also see a large shift in the way people connects through hologram or even building time machine! As exciting as those movies envision future might be, our current world has yet to reach the fully automated society. However, in recent decades, the development of technology and digital world has been very advanced. In 2016 for example, there have been a few major car manufacturers that have developed self driving cars, such as Ford, Volvo, and even the car manufacturing giant of BMW. Here, we will explore the Google Driverless Car Release Date, price and specification.

Waymo, one of the newest invention project from Google

This is an exciting time to be around, since we have the privilege to witness the rapid birth of high tech technology, including driverless car. One in particular is the Google driverless car project that called Waymo. The revolutionary tech giant has now developing its business to create another breakthrough project. Waymo is an abbreviation from “a new way forward in mobility” and it is a self driving car technology company with a vision to build an easy and safe way for commuting for people moving around. Does it sound like the futuristic movies that you have been watching? Well it is! The autonomous car has been tested in the road since 2016 and it is hoped to be able to be sold to the public starting this year. However, there has yet to be any developing news regarding the exciting Google driverless car at this moment, where the car is currently is still being tested in various terrains.

Technology behind the self drive car

The advanced technology has been tested to be installed in some of the common manufacturing cars, such as Audi TT, Toyota Prius, and Lexus RX450x. it has been quite successfully tested in a more controlled environment, where the cars is asked to avoid a few obstacles on the road using cones or real early riders. The groundbreaking technology works using an extremely high definition precision map that would break down the view into the smallest inch. Such highly advanced map will be turned on in the specific area that the car is expected to be on the road. This sensor includes the details on the height of traffic lights and a detailed distance to and from your destination. It is also equipped with high tech on board system, which allow you to control the car in some ways. If that does not amazes you, the fact that some computation is being done in a remote computer farm might wow you.

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The high tech with extremely expensive equipment

If you are thinking to dumping your manual and not so techy car, you may want to hold your horses! As Google now is trying to build a car of their own by assembling it with Roush Enterprises, they still need time to build the custom vehicle. Google is also adopting some of the new custom vehicle from a wide range of electronic manufacturers, such as LG, Bosch, Continental, and ZF Lenksysteme. Moreover, since the self driving car is still at a testing stage, in 2016, Google have collaborated with Fiat Chrysler Automobile to build 100 hybrid minivans called Pasifica with an aim to test the technology further.

This self driven cars’ equipment technology are not cheap. For one google driverless car, it consist more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of high technology parts, which include the expensive seventy thousand dollars LIDAR system. If the price tag still does not concern you to get your hand on the advanced car, the car will be mounted with a 64 beam laser of Velodyne on the top of your car roof. The purpose of the high intensity laser beam is to generate an extremely detailed map of the environment in a form of 3D. With this 3D image of the map, the car will then will integrate it with the overall world map in highest resolution possible, which in the end, it will produce various types of models of map in a form of data that will eventually fulfil its ability to drive itself. So, if you are thinking on buying one of this amazing car that look like came from a science fiction movie, you may need to prepare a hefty amount of money to make sure you can afford such cars because the Waymo self driving car will be equipped with a state of the art technology. The upside of this expensive car is the convenience that you will get from having the cool car, where you do not need to worry how to get home when you are extremely sleepy and tired, or when you are drunk.

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Official release date for the Google driverless car

If you are eager to own the futuristic car for your own use and wondering when is Google Driverless Car Release Date, you may need to wait for a few years away. The CEO of Waymo, Google autonomous technology company, stated that the Waymo car is currently still under testing condition to make sure that it is safe for commercial use. According to him, the company will not rush to make the driverless car to be commercialised because the manufacturer need to be sure regarding the safety of the car. So far, the car has been tested in a residential environment, where there are less obstacles on the road and it has covered not less than one and a half million miles of testing. So, CEO John Krafcik said that they are excited to start the self driving car business by partnering with some of car manufacturer giants, such as Fiat Chrysler and Honda automobile companies in 2017 before launching its own product. Well, if you cannot seem to wait for the real, Waymo manufactured self driving car to arrive, you can try to ride with one of the autonomous cars that will be launched by either Honda or Fiat Chrysler in the near future.

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